Youth of the Month

Rodney Vincent Rodgers
Rodney, known to his family and friends as Vin, is a Junior at Cienega High School. Vin has been award the Dorothy O. Finley Outstanding Teen Citizen Award. He loves to play football and has been playing since the age 6. He currently plays on his high school football team. He is a young man who continually grows and matures not just physically but spiritually. Stepping into his role as an usher, he took on the responsibility of president. He listened carefully to the instructions and guidance of those who were older and more experienced but never lost who he was trying to be like them. He became confident in his position and comfortable with greeting each individual, speaking to everyone member or not. Respectfully, he has insisted on helping every woman young and seasoned up the stairs with a welcoming smile. The once quiet soft spoken young boy is now a loving open young man who loves music, football and telling jokes. Vin sometimes gets so caught up in observing the room to see what is going on and looking for areas where he may be needed next. One Sunday he saw a young man wanting to go forward for prayer but wasn't quite sure if he should, Vin stepped up and walked with him as support without anyone having to say so. After service his dad and Minister Ravyn thanked him and told him how proud they were of him being an example and leader. He laughed saying he wasn't really sure if he was doing the right thing. His honesty speaks volumes about his character. Not only does he have a heart for people and to serve but he has a pure heart and desire to have a relationship with God. Minister Ravyn has found it to be an honor that he feels comfortable with her not to just want to share music but to ask questions about Overseer Jester’s sermons or something he heard. This showing his love for God and his dedication to serve Him. When he decided to give his life to Christ and be baptized, he proudly and confidently made the decision on his own, in his own time and in his own way. He was not confused, afraid, or pressured but understood what baptism meant. His only concern was “how long are they going to hold me under" with a bright smile. Vin is no longer the young boy that came to Gideon a few years ago but now a young man beginning his journey of his Christian walk with joy.