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Walk out of it!


Walk Out of It

April 17, 2018

La'Tresa M. Jester

John 5:8  (NKJV)


8 Jesus said to him, “Rise, take up your bed and walk.”


I want to begin with just a few reminders.  Things that you’ve heard before.  Things that deep down in your spirit you know.  What you know and what you’ve heard sometimes take a back burner because of what you either see or don’t see.  So grab this:

1.     What’s coming at you is not stronger than what’s in you.

2.     You determine the power of yesterday’s experience. 

3.     Love yourself enough to trust all of you with God.


Maybe the third one hasn’t been said that way before, but hold onto that thought.  I came this morning to offer empowerment by way of a vision, by way of trying to push us to focus forward.  …But in order for any one of us to move forward from where we are we have to be willing to take a real look at our current dwelling place.  Where are you hanging out at spiritually?  The devil and maybe even the church has convinced us that as long as your body stays away from certain places than everything is ok, but I come to challenge that thought process and say that it’s not your body that the devil is after, it’s your spirit.  Trust me when I say I get it!  Our bodies are under attack and distractions come on every level: physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually! 


In order to focus forward, we have to understand that everything that is happening against us, nothing that we are experiencing…NO THING surprises God.  The promises that God has spoken over our lives they don’t decrease because of your pain.  Sometimes, however, the pursuit of the promise needs to be adjusted.  I had been pushing so long that I almost forgot that I had the power.  Because, watch this, we’ve been telling people to push because pushing sounds good, because we’ve made it a church acronym: Pray Until Something Happens.  …But I heard the other day, “Change position.  Stop pushing and start pulling.”  Because every time that you push, you’re pushing against something.  Stop pushing and start pulling.  Because when you pull, you change positions.  I’m no longer pushing against, but I’m pulling with.  When you pull, the power changes positions.  Did you get that?  When you pull, the power changes positions.  You are no longer behind the thing, you are in front of a thing.  Again, the power shifts positions.  Don’t miss it, I’m not saying that pulling is going to be easy, I am saying that pulling will change you spiritually.  People that push, push from behind.  People that pull, pull from the front.  Can I help by reminding you that you were not created as the tail, but the head?  Not the bottom, but the top?!!


In order to focus forward, could it simply be that your focus has been off because you’ve been operating from the back?  That sounded good so you stayed in the back position.  It is time, Man of God.  It is time, Woman of God, to change positions!  Watch this, this move is not about what happened, it’s not about what’s happening.  This one, I promise you, is ON YOU! 


Get this… One, Two, Three…Get Ready, It’s Time to Switch!  Jesus said to the man, “Rise, take up your bed and walk.”  The scripture is Jesus having a conversation with a man that had been physically challenged for quite some time.  The Bible said that every time an angel came and stirred up the water, the first one to get in the water was made whole.  Now Jesus is facing the man, He sees his condition.  He knows all about his position.  But watch this, in the text, He does not talk about the condition of the man, He just offers a change in position.  Verse 6, prior to our text, says that Jesus saw the man lying there and HE KNEW that he had been in that position a long time, but He just said one thing to him, “Do you want to be made well?” 


Can I push that a little bit?  What happened prior to that moment didn’t matter.  How he got there didn’t matter.  Who did it or didn’t do it didn’t matter!  The question was, do you want to be made whole?  Do you want to move forward?  He told him 3 things:

1.     Rise-which means MOVE, change positions!

2.     Take up your bed-that thing that you’ve been depending on.  You’re stronger than what’s been holding you!

3.     Walk-move forward!


Move forward, Man of God.  Move forward, Woman of God.  Rise up out of your situation.  Pick up the bed.  You’re stronger than what you’ve been laying on.  What’s been holding you…you are stronger than that!  Then…WALK!  Go on walk out of it!  One, Two, Three…get ready and go!


Remember to live your life without excuses!